Digestive EQ Supplements

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Digestive EQ is a unique blend of ingredients specifically formulated to support the
digestive and immune systems of your horse. Digestive EQ manufactured by Poseidon
Equine is designed to assist with both fore and hind gut digestion as well as assist with
inflammation and immune challenges. For extra cover, Digestive EQ contains a
mycotoxin eliminator offering greater benefits than a binder from mycotoxins from hay,
pastures and poorer quality roughage.

Digestive EQ contains ingredients that are scientifically proven to support digestive
and immune function. Their combination in Digestive EQ is designed to promote
synergy between the ingredients and assist with digestion and immune functions. These
A marine source of calcium is incorporated to assist with the maintenance of gut
pH. Gut pH may become excessively acidic under certain conditions such as in
response to feed, training and feeding times. Calcium is important for bone
formation, turn over and cellular processes. Digestive EQ is formulated with
this in mind and uses a highly bioavailable source of calcium.
A yeast fermentation product that is proven to support the growth of beneficial
bacteria in the gut, reduce inflammation and support immune function. By
promoting the natural growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, these are able to
out-compete pathogenic bacteria thereby reducing the challenge within the
gut. Importantly, the yeast fermentation product is not live and is produced from
a proprietary, quality controlled process, unlike other yeast products that are
fermentative by-products (i.e. left over from the production of something else)
and of variable quality.
A multi-action mycotoxin eliminator. Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites
produced by some moulds and fungi and may be harmful to humans and
animals. Different mycotoxin classes exist and are usually fed to horses
unnoticed in roughage and in pastures. Typical mycotoxin binders are only
effective against a specific class of mycotoxins. Digestive EQ contains not only a
binding function, but also a mycotoxin eliminator that can deactivate mycotoxins
in the gut and antioxidants to support the natural response to mycotoxin
Amino acids to support the maintenance and function of the gut. Amino acids
are the building blocks of protein and are important to support metabolism,
nutrient absorption, mucus production, healing and muscle growth and repair.
Digestive enzymes to assist with making more dietary nutrients available to
enhance the process of non-starch polysaccharides (fibrous components)
Digestive EQ is:
Formulated by qualified independent equine and animal nutritionists
Produced from scientifically proven ingredients that are supported by peer reviewed

Made from high quality ingredients from FIAAA registered suppliers
Manufactured in a registered AVPMA and GMP facility
Free from added sugars or molasses
Able to form part of a horse’s existing diet and is suitable for continuous feeding,
including race or competition days
Digestive EQ is formulated to assist with:
Wound recovery
Stimulation of the horses innate immune response
Reduced systemic inflammation
Calmer behaviours and improved attitudes
Calcium retention & bone strength
Feed conversion
Nutrient uptake
Reducing risk of laminitis, colic and respiratory infections
Reduced lactic acid production
Recovery after exercise
Recovery and prevention of gastric and hindgut ulcers
Elimination of mycotoxins
Coat and hoof condition
Ability to cope with stress
Headshaking syndrome
Results from using Digestive EQ can be seen as quickly as 24 hrs (in the case of
improvements from mycotoxins) with full effect being seen in 2-4 weeks.